Areas of Expertise

GW Advisors' philosophy has been developed and implemented over the last decade. We employ a disciplined approach across all our businesses with a focus on creating actionable insight for our clients. Our information businesses are primarily in the following areas:


We believe that Fortune 2000 companies and private equity firms derive very real value from engaging with the best consulting firms for their projects. Our businesses identify and evaluate consultancies; and, create SWAT teams of former executives and industry professionals under a primary moniker to develop quick, actionable insights.


We focus on industry executives and academics (conflict free) with significant vertical or functional expertise with transaction experience to add value to private equity clients. These experts may be established with a strong track record, and may also be emerging managers with the potential to be future leaders.

Market Research

We believe that partnerships with syndicated researchers and market research aggregators are instrumental to success. We view our partnerships with these firms crucial to our private equity clients’ success – particularly very early in a deal cycle.